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Are You Fit?
Fitness Assessment

Ever wonder if you are doing the right exercise program to stay in shape? If you typically step on the scale to monitor your progress, you are doing the least effective method. We measure our
fitness by testing the components of fitness. The five components are: Body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular. (view a sample assessment)

Body Composition: Percentage of body fat. Men should be under 20%, women under 30%.

Flexibility: Our flexibility test will determine how much emphasis should be placed on stretching.

Muscular Strength: Men, can you bench press your weight? You should. Women, 70% of your weight.

Muscular Endurance: This will determine how much your muscle can do before it fatigues.

Cardiovascular: We do this test on the treadmill. It will determine your body's ability to utilize oxygen.





Maramarc Fitness does a personal assessment to evaluate all five components of fitness. If you are interested in seeing your fitness profile, you can schedule your appointment with Mark Burnside, M.S. The cost is $55.00




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